It is not a beautiful period and this does not disturb me!

Харесва ми:

Grey issue 02 Spring/Summer 10

"It is not a beautiful period and this does not disturb me. Lethargy is often followed by Splendor.
As the new generation chaotically constructs itself, trying to emerge from the laden tide of contenders, the situation is quasi dangerous. Many forgettable collections (most already forgotten) based on total absurdity, or worse, absence of clear and valid Inspiration. The emerging geniuses are suddenly fewer which helps to recognize them. Aside from the few
standouts there are many flash-in-the-pan pseudo greats, falling stars and sons. Critical moments are there for the proliferation of creativity. In such moments family, tradition, religion and fundamental values ignite the righteous. The permanent and enduring regain importance, superficiality is abandoned, artistic manifestations veer towards substance and gain meaning. In these periods natural selection manifests itself via meritocracy where no money or genealogy is able to influence the final judgment of time. And then there are people, artists, places, companies, clothes which are perpetual…"

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